About Us

Jo flux® is 20 year old orgnisation engaged in providing one stop solution in welding, brazing & soldering fluxes. We deliver customized, industry based solution for metal joining process in refrigeration & air conditioning, tool making, automotive, plant construction & plumbing industry.

Jo flux® is commited to providing the highest quality products and sevices in the brazing and soldering industry.

It is our policy not to simply recommend and supply sutiabel fluxes-but also to advice you on how to construct your workpiece so that it is suitabel for brazing/soldering process. We can also advice on selection of brazing/soldering consumbeals, brazing machines & furnaces.

In 1993

Started as distributors (trading unit) for non - ferrous brazing alloys in the Indian market.

In 1999

Jo flux sets up in Bhosari, Pune region (about 15 km from Pune city) with the new building to manufacture industrial soldering fluxes..

In 2003

Sets up State-of-the-art laboratory and R & D Division.

In 2006

The industrial soldering flux range is expanded to new products in electronic soldering flux & brazing flux, Thanks to R & D Division.

In 2010

Sets up new plant in Khadakwasala, Pune region (about 12 km from Pune city) with the new building to manufacture inorganic chemistry base raw material (chemicals) required in manufacturing brazing & soldering fluxes.

In 2013

Bhosari plant starts exclusive production of electronic soldering fluxes (organic based chemistry).

In 2019

Started manufacturing of new generation brazing fluxes, free of boric acid & borex.


Product Advantages...

The purpose of the brazing flux is to promote the formation of sound brazed joints by protecting both the Base metal and filler metal from oxidation continually during the brazing cycle and preventing from Further oxidation from contact with the atmospheric oxygen. The brazing flux also serves to remove surface Oxides and therefore reduce the surface tension to promote freer flow of filler metal.

Why JO FLUX® series of fluxes will produce a better braze joint because:

  • Reduce the surface tension of the filler alloy & the base metal.
  • The formation of oxides is prevented and will not burn the work.
  • Brazing alloy flow easier, faster, and more smoothly.
  • Is fully & completely active during brazing operation.
  • Has the right consistency for easy application.
  • Contains no coarse crystals or solid partials.
  • The braze joint will be clean, which means fewer rejects.

Application industry

Aircraft equipments Fishing equipments
Automobile parts Gauges
Brewery equipments Heating elements
Bicycle frames Imitation jewelleries
Chemical plants Instruments
Compressors Kettles
Carbide tips Laundry equipments
Diamond cutting tools Locomotive
Diamond Segments Machineries
Diamond drills Mining equipments
Diamond tipped saw blades Marine equipments
Cooking utensils Oil coolers
Dairy equipments Optical frames
Diesel engine Paper cutting knives
Electric appliances Pipe and fittings
Electric apparatus Refrigeration
Fire arms Telecommunication
Fire extinguishers Plumbing & Sanitary Facilities
Fixtures Renewable Energy, Solar Panels