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The purpose of the brazing flux are to promote the formation of brazed joints by cleaning both the base metal and filler metal continually during the brazing cycle by removing surface oxides and so reducing surface tension to enhance free flow of the filler metal.

Why JO FLUX® series of fluxes will produce a better braze joint because:

Reduce the surface tension of the filler alloy & the base metal.

The formation of oxides is prevented and will not burn the work.

Brazing alloy flow easier, faster, and more smoothly.

Is fully & completely active during brazing operation.

Has the right consistency for easy application.

Contains no coarse crystals or solid partials.

The braze joint will be clean, which means fewer rejects.

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Silver Brazing White

Silver Brazing White Fluxes Are Available As Per Aws, Din or to Customers Specifications In Form of Smooth Cremy Paste & Fine Powder With Out Coarse Crystals.

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Silver Brazing Black / Brown Fluxes

Oxiclean Series Black/Brown Silver Brazing Fluxes Are Formulated Using a Balance Of Chemical Ingredients And Antioxidents By Chemical Reactions...

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Boric Acid/Borax Free Fluxes

We Are Offering Boric Acid Free Silver Brazing Fluxes, Brass/Bronze Brazing And Welding Fluxes.

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